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2 years, 3 months

SHELTER IS LOCATED ON: Mt Moriah Rd., Winton, NC


Peppa is a total lap dog!! So much so, it's almost impossible to take a picture of her without her with one of her human friends. As soon as she sees you, she comes running and throws her paws around your waist. She will then stand there on her 2 hind legs for as long as you'll let her. She absolutely loves to be rubbed and can never seem to get enough. You can see the feeling of relaxation on her face. Sometimes, she will put her head in your lap and sigh, like she knows what her life SHOULD be like!! Peppa has so much love to give, all she needs is a family to give it to, and a home to give it in!

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SHELTER IS LOCATED ON: Mt Moriah Rd., Winton, NC

(252) 642-7297

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11 months ago

She is adorable. How. Old is she and does she get along with other dogs and kids. We r retired, and stay at home as much as we can. Has she been spayed and how much is the adoption fee. My e mail is

Debbie Conway

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