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Trista's Peppa Texas


1 year, 4 months
Small  |  Male

Rockaway, NJ


Peppa's current Foster mom says she is so sweet and loves to snuggle up as close as she can get. She has a ridiculously cute underbite and has a big open-mouth smile. She is a happy and submissive dog who would love to find her forever home so she can snuggle up and be your lap dog!

Peppa was rescued from a shelter in TX where it was determined she was injured. Peppa seemed to have a problem with her back, but it seems she may just have been injured and needed to heal. She is walking almost 100% normal now and doesn't seem to be in much pain.

Peppa will be arriving after Labor Day but if you are interested in meeting her when she arrives, complete your application today! Be sure to ask for her by name - PEPPA TEXAS!

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Rockaway, NJ

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