Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler

6 years, 2 months
Medium  |  Male

New York, NY


A volunteer writes: They say good things take time but it''s hard to believe middle-aged Petey was ever anything but a total sweetheart. He''s soft, affectionate and hubba hubba handsome, well-behaved and smart as they come. Other than socializing with his friends, he has two great passions in life--plush toys and belly rubs! The toys are for fetching, tossing in the air and ultimately ripping apart, and the belly rubs are for when he''s all tuckered out from playing and wants to take a break. It''s so funny to see his big tongue ''painting'' the floor as he gives into the bliss of being massaged. If I stop for a second, he reminds me to keep doing my job with a pitiful little whine. As soon as Petey''s ready for more playtime, up he pops and it''s right back to the toy, now looking a bit worse for wear, but still in one piece, as he flings it my way to start a fresh game of fetch. He''s a good boy on leash and seems to be quite house trained, and his beautiful brown eyes (with one tiny lightning bolt of blue) look out at the world in bright anticipation of all the adventures to come. Petey passed his behavior assessment with flying colors and would be a great match for almost any family. True love awaits at our Manhattan Care Center and his name is Petey, come say ''I do'' today!
A volunteer writes: Petey is an Australian cattle dog who first caught my eye because of his eyes--beautiful, soulful eyes that basically told me in no uncertain terms, `I want to take a walk!` And take a walk we did--Petey came alive as soon as his leash was on, and the nighttime air flew through his fluffy coat. Petey is a sweet, friendly guy, and he is a great walker. He loves to investigate and sniff all the trees and the sidewalks and pretty much everything we saw on our walk. He is a happy boy who enjoys spending time with his human friends.

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New York, NY

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