Petey and Peppy*


Small  |  Male

Tampa, FL


*Courtesy Post
Petey and his brother Peppy are 11 month old rat terrier/chi pups looking for a new home. Petey is a little more shy while Peppy is more well adjusted. Petey does do much better with his brother around for security. They are otherwise happy little puppies who love to play chase with each other and wrestle. They provide each other entertainment and will for their new person as well. They love their crates and are crate trained. They have lived with other dogs and cats, but have not had a lot of exposure to children. They would do best in a quieter house.
Petey has the cutest wiggle butt. He gets so wiggly that he almost bends himself in half and hits his own face with his tail. It’s adorable! They have puppy playfulness but they are not hyper dogs at all. They love to lay around and chew on bones or just cuddle on the couch. They both love to sleep under the covers.
They know some obedience and do well with sit. They are both very obedient when given direction or told “no”. They walk ok on a leash but they are a little scared of new things so they need patience and more training on that.
Please contact to inquire (put their names in subject line please).

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Tampa, FL

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