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Pit Bull Terrier

2 years, 7 months
Medium  |  Male

Fargo, ND



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Name: Phinneas
Breed: Pit Bull Terrier Mix
Age: 2 Years
Size: Medium 52 lbs.
Adoption Donation: $180 (applicable sales tax included). Adoption fees may be paid with cash or check.
Other: Neutered Male, Vaccinations current, Microchip, Older considerate children only

Phinneas would love to have a forever home.

Foster Home Feedback
* Older considerate children only
9/14/16: We have been attending Down Dog Studio to work on Phin's obedience training using the positive reinforcement method. He has done really well in such a short amount of time. He understands sit, down, and touch. We are working on stay, release, etc. and loose leash walking. He is very treat motivated! I highly recommend continuing his training efforts after adoption. He loves proving himself to you and it is great for his confidence and the expectations of the family.
Phin does well on his walks. We use the Freedom Harness to avoid pulling as much as possible, and it's also easier on his skin as it has a velvety touch. So far he doesn't mind dogs across the street or behind a fence, however, we use caution as he is reactive with our neighbors male dog through the fence. He should have daily walks/runs to burn off built up energy as he can become hyper with the "in house zoomies"/mouthiness otherwise. Letting him roam the backyard is not quite enough stimulation.
We have been working hard to get Phin's allergies (diet and environmental) managed. He is now on a new diet, Zignature brand with White Fish formula, which is a limited ingredient food. He had a recent re-check appt with his Doctors for his skin issues, which overall has improved. We're also working on clearing up his ears from yeast, which is most likely a secondary issue due to his allergies. He requires a daily prescription Apoquel year around to keep itchiness at bay. He can also take Benadryl. He takes his pills like a champ using peanut butter!
Phin understands there are cats who also reside with us. We have let him briefly meet one our more sociable cats while he is on his leash. He was overall good, however, when he tries to initiate play, he doesn't understand his size and strength. I wouldn't recommend cats, but maybe that is something you can work with him on over time. Interactions should be supervised at all times.
He is a very big old baby who loves to snuggle on your lap whenever possible!

8/25/16: Ruff! Phin here!
Now that I have been in foster for a few days, I'm coming out of my shell more as well as feeling a bit better after takings my meds and having a soothing medicated shampoo/conditioning bath... I find myself wanting to play and interact more with people. I've been told I need to watch my mouthiness during play as it is not appreciated. We are going to start dog obedience training classes soon. I have a favor to ask, whomever adopts me, will you please continue my training classes so I can be the BEST dog I can be? I just want to make you happy!
8/23/16: Hey, Phinneas here! You can call me Phin for short, my foster calls me "Phinnie Winnie". I don't mind, as long as the dogs in the neighborhood don't catch wind of this. I just moved into a great foster home while I wait for my perfect furever family. Feels great to not stay at the building anymore as now I get more freedom. There are two small dogs in this home. Apparently, the female Chihuahua mix is the alpha... Hopefully my buddies aren't reading this, how embarrassing, I'll never hear the end of it!! Nonetheless, we get along great. The other dog, is a bit shy of me yet, so we'll take it slowly. I am a total ham, I know how to play the "cute card" to get my snuggles in.... Oh, I gotta go for now. Time for my daily meds, my skin itches! I'll journal more later... Sending lots of licks!

8/23/16: Meet Phin! Phin is a handsome, muscular, laid back, mellow dog for only being two years old and change. His favorite thing to do is lay fully across your lap while we Netflix and chill. I am jealous for whomever has him during those harsh winter months.
He does well with our two mellow, laid back small dogs. I'd say Phin is low to medium energy dog. When outside, he generally likes to find somewhere comfy to rest and take in the sunshine and the many different smells of the outdoors. He would do best in a yard with a wooden fence (does require fence of some type) as he can become a little mouthy/forceful if there is a reactive dog nearby.
Phin is currently being treated for an ear infection and possible allergy to food or environment.
He does very well inside our home. He keeps quiet and waits his turn at meal times. We do have cats, but he hasn't been tested yet as he is learning the routine of our home first. He is potty trained and kennel trained. He doesn't wine or bark in his kennel, unless he hears something out of the ordinary. He also does great on car rides! We are currently working on some general commands. Phin is very food/treat motivated.
5/22/16: Phinneas is a total lap dog - he loves to cuddle. He is good with other dogs. He hasn't been around cats while with us. Phin is a great partner when playing fetch. He likes to check out what you've got on the kitchen counters, but he listens well and will get right down when you tell him no. He is potty and kennel trained. Phinneas will be a fun dog to play with in the summer, and a great lap warmer in the winter!

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