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1 year, 9 months
Small  |  Female

Tomball, TX


Little Pickles was found running in the middle of a neighborhood street by a man riding his bike. When the man approached her, she seemed disoriented and confused. She was not wearing a collar or ID tag. To keep Pickles safe, the man took her home. He posted FOUND DOG signs around the neighborhood but sadly, no one responded.
Pickles is a SPECIAL NEEDS dog. She has been diagnosed with congenital Hydrocephalus. This birth defect causes an excess of cerebrospinal fluid that has leaked inside the skull, leading to brain swelling. This leads to increased pressure within the skull that presses on the sensitive brain tissues. Increased intracranial pressure can lead to permanent, irreversible brain damage and possibly even death. At this time, little Pickles exhibits some of the typical clinical signs of hydrocephalus: circling, head tilting, loss of vision, pacing and seizures.
In spite of her condition, Pickles is very inquisitive, friendly and loves to climb into your lap and be cuddled. She likes cats and enjoys being around other dogs but doesn't really know how to play with them. Pickles has no problem entertaining herself ; she loves toys! Balls are her favorite.
It takes a very special person to adopt a special needs pet. If you have the desire and the ability to provide a safe and loving home to little Pickles, please call or text Stephanie at 281-622-6549.
Estimated birth date: February 2015
Approximate weight: 8 lbs.

Adopt Me
Tomball, TX

(281) 622-6549

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