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2 years, 5 months

Tampa, FL


7/8/16 update: Pin is wonderful with the cats. He is still skittish so he sleeps under the bed. He plays in the yard with the other dogs and comes in when called. He is mostly housetraind. We have never felt the need to crate him so I'm not sure how he would react woth a crate. He really is just an absolute pleasure.

Pin was found in a hunting area near the FL/GA border, but no one claimed him. He isn't used to being in a house yet, so he needs to be in a home with a fenced yard. He will sometimes come in the house for a few minutes, but isn't comfortable staying inside for long.

He's a gorgeous dog, very sweet and mellow. Gets along with people and other dogs. Hasn't been around cats or young children yet. Not food aggressive.

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Tampa, FL

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