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Bring Home Double the Fun with Pippi and Gidget
Hooray! You've decided it's time to adopt a new dog, but you worry that your new furry friend will be lonely while you're out for the day. So why not double your pleasure with two?
Meet Pippi and Gidget! These are two peas in a pod. Best friends! Ying and Yang! Pippi and Gidget sleep curled up together in a fuzzy little ball and look to each other for every decision they make. They make excellent playmates and will keep each other entertained while you're at work. Now that you know a little about them, lets look at the benefits of adopting a ready-made puppy family.
Adopting two means double the fun! Since these two grew up in a shelter, everything is new to them; cell phones, remotes, laptops. They're learning quickly what things are and how they work. They'll need a patient family to teach them well. You should have seen them when they were introduced to their leashes and collars!
Pippi and Gidget love to mingle with other dogs their size but are working on it with bigger dogs. Luckily their current foster family has a thirteen-year-old lab mix that has won them over wholeheartedly! It doesn't hurt that these two are highly motivated to learn when rewarded with treats.
If you're thinking about adopting these black and white fur balls, you should know that they do great in the car and love to go to park. Pippi and Gidget are both crate trained and know not to bark when left alone. These two are also excellent with kids! They'll need a patient forever family that understands to be gentle with them during their transition from foster to forever.
Does this sound like you? If you're ready to make Pippi and Gidget apart of your family, head over to and apply to adopt!
For adoption information or to complete an application, please go to:
References and a home visit are required for all adoptions.

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Dallas, TX

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