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American Staffordshire Terrier

Medium  |  Female

Peralta, NM


Sweet little parvo survivor!!!!

Please read the entire bio before contacting us with questions. Send us an email requesting an application to start the adoption process--
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Approximate DOB 11/03/2015
Size - Medium size as adults - maybe 45-55 lbs

History- Dumped at a rural shelter these guys were networked like crazy to get them out and safe.. They were quickly tagged for rescue however before they could get to rescue they all got sick.. The rescue refused them but the transport organization had found a foster already so they begged for help so they could save these 5 little lives.. Four of the babies recovered but now they need a forever home.. Someone to love them forever-- they have had a rough go so far in life but we along with their foster mom and the folks with Underdog are determined to give them the very best life has to offer..
Temperament- These babies are all a little standoffish with strangers.. But overall very playful, and very, very smart.. They have already started learning basic commands.. They get along with all the other dogs they have met (all sizes and ages) and are very loyal and protective of their family.. They will need more socialization and training to be the very best they can be but they are wonderful babies..

Energy Level- This sweet girl is rambunctious and feisty but like her siblings very smart.. Lots of training and socialization are in this baby's future so she can be the best she can be..

Dogs/Cats- Gets along with everyone.
Housetrained- House trained using a dog door. She is fine in a crate- quiet and well behaved but due to her past she will potty in the crate (bad habit we have not been able to break).. Currently her group has a bedroom to themselves with beds and a dog door and they do not have accidents- we do let them take turns coming out into the living room when we are watching them and they are awesome dogs..

This is Chile Piquin- she is pretty small compared to her brothers but so loving and very cute.. She is a beautiful brindle with stunning markings. She can be a little standoffish with strangers and can be protective of her family but she does seek approval and corrects easily.. She is still learning what behavior is ok and what is not.. She is a doll - loves laps, walks, and playing with her toys.. . She is a cutie, loves to cuddle and her favorite thing in the world is to sit in your lap with her toy and watch tv. She is very smart and learns quickly. She loves the treat ball and puzzles. She is tiny but has a big personality and tons of energy. She can be rough and very vocal when playing. She is tiny compared to the others but can hold her own when rough-housing.
Piquin needs a very active home that can tire her out and/or a very active dog that can wear her out- she should not be an only dog.. Even though she loves her loved ones and is a very loving girl overall we will not be placing her with small children just due to her fear of strangers. Oftentimes kids run around and don't always no boundaries and with her taking a while to warm up we do not feel it is fair to her or a child to go into a home with small children who she will be freaked out by... The best home for her will have a dog door leading in and out of the house and not a crate. Due to her being hospitalized she started using her crate to potty in since they were not taking her out enough.. However she is active and playful in the house and uses a dog door perfectly..
Adoption fee $150 includes spay/neuter, age appropriate vaccinations (4 for puppies), deworming, microchip, rabies vacc, collar and tags, training information, and all the support you need.
Send us an e-mail to requesting an application to adopt this sweetie!! Animals are seen by appointment only. An application must be submitted to us prior to making an appointment.
We do give a discount when adopting multiple pets.
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If you would like to help care for this homeless baby while they await their new home please click on the link to our website so you can make a secure donation.

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Peralta, NM

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