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Precious aka Pebbles


Small  |  Female

Jacksonville, FL


*Special needs dog*
Hello! I’m Precious but my foster mom calls me Pebbles. I am a beautiful black & tan mini dachshund of 5 years old. I get along with other pets. I live in a foster home with four other dogs and a cat. I am a bit of a princess and like to be snuggled and spoiled, as all dachshunds do. I also like to sleep late! Sometimes my foster dad has to get me out of bed. I like my bed in the closet for naps, quiet time or when the humans are not home. I do have to wear my Pro Collar though, but you can see in the picture that I don’t mind wearing it. What can I say? A princess needs her beauty sleep! I like to go for walks and play with balls and toys too, so I’m not always a couch potato. My ideal home would have an older child for me to play with and/or another dog that will play with me so I don’t get bored.
I have Mega-esophagus (ME), but don’t let that scare you. It just means that a part of my esophagus is enlarged. That means I can’t move food down into the stomach like I’m supposed to. I eat my meals sitting upright in a Bailey Chair. It kind of looks like a dachshund-sized high chair. This allows gravity to move the food to my stomach. After I eat, I stay sitting in the chair for a minimum about 30 minutes so my food does not come back up. I'm used to sitting in my chairs after meals and settle right down in the bailey chair to wait. I know that if I sit down in the bottom of the chair I can rest my head on the side and rest. And my chair will come to my forever home with me. I eat when I’m hungry, usually once or twice a day, and am 9 pounds. So we can work out a schedule that works for both of us. I can’t drink water from a bowl on the floor so, while in my chair, I get fluids from a Mature Dog Supplement that my foster mom found at Walmart, of all places. It's like doggie Ensure! And I LOVE IT!
I’m an outdoors kinda girl. I like it if you hold me in the pool or I can ride on a float with you. I have Doggles and a Life Jacket. My foster mom says we are going to try going in the Kayak. I can definitely be your on-the-go pal, we just have to be sure I don’t get overheated, just like with any pet.
My foster mom says there is an excellent Yahoo support group for Mega-esophagus or ME, so if you adopt me you can make new friends with humans who have a pet like me. And my foster mom will teach you all about feeding me so you’ll know just how to take care of me when you adopt me! We have it down to a good routine so it will be an easy transition.
If you’d like to take me home, fill out an application with my name on it. I’m in the Brooksville, FL area and I’m waiting for you!

Please scroll to bottom of page for additional info about me and my email contact.
If you know that I am your forever dog please fill out an online application at and put my name on it.
If you can not adopt me but would like to help DARE pay for my care while I am in their care please send check or money order made payable to DARE to:
4495-304 Roosevelt Blvd.
PMB 179
Jacksonville, FL 32210
You can also contact us at

Even if you do not see a dog that matches what you're looking for, you may fill out a no obligation application and we will work to find a match for you. We receive dogs into foster care almost daily, so it is impossible to have every available or soon-to-be-available dog on the website.

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