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Prell -- Celebrate Home! Lower Fee!

Australian Shepherd

Medium  |  Female

Yardley, PA


I'm sure you read that Prell is one of our Special Needs dogs. Do you see it? No? That's because Prell hasn't lost a leg or an eye; she bears no wounds from attacks, or scarring from someone purposely setting fire to her. Oh, these things happen, but not to Prell. You see, Prell has seizures that may be easily controlled by medicine but because of them, she has lost two adoptive families. How tragic! For Prell. v Oh, we understand; we really do. But her meds are not expensive, and Pill Pockets or a bit of cheese will "help the medicine go down."
Prell is a mix of Aussie/Doxie, and perhaps you better throw a bit of Greyhound into the mix. She's between 1 to 1/12 years old and weighs about 45 lbs. She loves other dogs, and humans, too. In fact, she's an absolutely wonderful dog! She has a healthy energy level that would fit well into a home with kids or someone who enjoys outside activities.
We found Prell originally in the high kill facility where animals are put down regularly because no one wants them.
You know, Prell's special need isn't her seizures. Oh, no. It's her need for her family. Not just any family, mind you...Her Family. The one that truly wants to rescue a dog of sweetness, grace, and love. Her special need is you. We know that someone really wants her, a Special Family for a dog with a special need.(re-posted 9/4/16, ME, N/A)
**It is rare that we know with certainty the ages or mixes that make up our wonderful dogs, but we do our best to be as accurate as possible based upon our many years in rescue.**
As Celebrate Home Dogs, the total fee, which includes adoption and transport, is only $200.00. This isn't because Prell is worth less. It's because she's worth more. We want dogs like Prell in your home as quickly as possible. They have been waiting too long, and they need their own beds (or yours) in their own home. More importantly, they need your love.
The adoption fee covers quarantine, worming, all vaccines, heartworm testing, heartworm and tick/flea preventatives, neutering, health certificate, and complete medical records.
Adoption Fee: $100.00
Transport Fee: $100.00

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Yardley, PA

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