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Pretty Kitty

Domestic Short Hair

Large  |  Female

Trexlertown, PA


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Short hair domestic

Pretty Kitty is a friendly and loving adult white and brown domestic shorthair tabby. Despite a rough life, she would make an excellent addition to any family looking for a talkative and playful member.
Pretty Kitty was a neighborhood cat who began showing up on our back patio looking for food. Skittish at first, she ran away if she noticed anyone at the door watching her, but we were able to identify her by her big eyes and distinctive white-tipped tail. On a cold night in early 2014, we noticed that she didn't run away when we approached. Able to get close, we noticed that she was very thin and had frostbite on her eartips. Later that night, when we realized we were in for a run of freezing temperatures, we looked back outside and found her sleeping on our back patio on the concrete. We quickly moved her into a cage in our garage to keep her out of the elements. She didn't resist.
A few days later, we took her into our vet for a microchip check (negative) and posted photos on a few online resources but she was not claimed. She spent several weeks in our garage, riding out the rest of the harsh winter in warmth with a steady supply of food. Her eartips eventually scabbed over and fell off from the frostbite, but she was very friendly and engaging and appreciated burrowing into the blankets we provided.
During this time, we noticed that she had an issue with her mouth. We had suspected something was wrong as her tongue would stick out slightly, and she had a very distinctive meow that didn't seem typical. She was also drooling a lot and there was a distinct odor. After one day where she was especially lethargic, we took her into our vet for further examination. He noticed that there was a very sizable growth in her mouth that was likely the cause of the problem. He administered fluids, painkillers and antibiotics to treat the condition but also advised us of the very real possibility that the growth could be cancerous and malignant and that surgery might be the only option and that, if it continued to worsen, that euthanizing her might be the only humane option.
Given Pretty Kitty's personable and affectionate nature, it was clear that she was not a feral/stray and most likely belonged to a neighbor who likely abandoned her once all of these issues began, not wanting to deal with the problem. Pretty Kitty deserved better than that and we were glad we decided to help.
The treatment (and our providing softened foods) helped immensely and she became more lively and we contacted The Cat Shack for further assistance. Through the Cat Shack, she was rediagnosed and the amazing staff at Perkiomen Animal Hospital was able to perform the surgery, treating the mass (not cancerous) as well as a substantial number of her teeth that had become infected and causing her pain.
Since that surgery, she is a new cat and is deserving of a forever home. She is able to eat without pain and has put on weight, filling out her once-bony frame. The pain relieved, she is extremely loving and affectionate, and with her mouth healed she has found her voice, becoming a talkative kitty who will announce her presence (especially when she's hungry!) She LOVES to cuddle and looks forward to sitting you with on the couch or laying next to you in bed. She will probably seek out your lap as soon as you sit down and lovingly knead you in response to loving pets, purring contendedly all the while.
She only has around four teeth, so while she will eat dry food if it appeals to her, it can be difficult for her to do so, so we make a point of feeding her wet food to make it easer on her. She will happily announce her pleasure when you open up a can.
She has lived with several other cats in the house for awhile with different relationships with all of them, so even where she isn't particularly friendly, she can easily coexist. She does have an independent streak though and would do just as well on her own with a family all to herself.
She was a neighborhood cat so she has experience outside, but given the rough time she had outside, she doesn't appear to miss it at all and has shown no inclination to go back outside.
She is such a sweet girl and would love to meet you!
Please let us know if you have any questions about PrettyKitty!

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