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Small  |  Female

Phoenix, AZ


Princess is a 9 year old female Deer head Chihuahua with short white hair. She came in with her husband Bailey who is an 11 year old Apple head Chihuahua also with short white hair. They had 3 children upon intake and came from a breeder who was going to take them all to the pound because she could no longer feed them. The kids have all left the nest and now they are looking forward to retirement. Don't let their ages fool you, they are very sprightly and love to dance around. They have been together all their lives so would be a pair adoption. They are in love, but also squabble like a typical married couple sometimes, its very cute and she always wins. Princess has a lot of personality and is for sure the outgoing of the 2. Bailey is more laid back and reserved. He is the ultimate cuddle bug but they are both very snuggly. They have both had dental work done as soon as they came in. Princess only lost a couple teeth, and had the rest polished. Bailey lost a bunch but has plenty left and still eats the dry food just fine. Although, he will try to get you to cook for him, of course. These guys are really sweet and hilarious to watch play around. They get along great with other small dogs, but still think the cats are for chasing. Older kids are best because they are very small and fragile. They are scared of small children. If you think you might be the match for these 2 little lover bugs please call Jen #623-210-6578.

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Phoenix, AZ

(623) 210-6578

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