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6 years, 2 months
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Please go to our website to complete an application.
We will make every attempt to process all applications within 3 business days of receipt
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Meet Pucca! She is a 6 year old, 12 lb gentle, happy and docile dog. All she wants to do is lie around with her human and be loved on. When she's not lying on you, she will be lying near your feet on the other side of the couch. Pucca is crate trained, and it's a good idea for her to be in her crate at night. It helps to keep her on a regular bathroom schedule and not going in your house (at least at first, until she's trained and used to her new environment). It's taken a little training to for her to be walked on a leash, as she was used to going outside as she pleased. But with some treats, some patience and high praise, she pretty much has it down after a week. By my judgement, she only needs to go out twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, which is ideal for someone who works all day. However, we go on a few walks a day, usually two in the afternoon and she doesn't need to go in the afternoon. Pucca has become quite used to her foster dad being home all the time and does not like to be left alone for long periods of time.
She does have a slight aversion to other dogs, however, but with proper introduction she should be fine. I also believe this is due to her not being very well socialized and/or having to fight for food in her previous life. When I introduce her, I usually bend down to pet another dog and talk sweetly to it, and while doing this she tries to jump in my lap. The more she's seen and been around others, the better she is getting. She learns very fast and is very observant. She'd do well with kids also.
When it's time for a ride in the car she jumps right in with very little encouragement, she rides pretty well and settles into a doggy bed in the backseat. Overall she's very willing to please and just wants to be loved in a comfortable house full of treats and soft places to lie.
Pucca is spayed, microchipped and current on her vaccinations. Her adoption fee is $250

All of our dogs are in private volunteer foster homes, and as such these individuals are most qualified to answer any questions regarding the dog.
We do not have a central shelter or kennel locations - you must make a private one-on-one meet and greet appointment with each individual dog at the foster family's convenience. To protect our foster families' privacy, we must have an APPROVED adoption application on file before we release their contact information.

All of our dogs are fixed (spayed/neutered) and up to date on shots. We have a 2 week foster-to-adopt period to make sure the dog is a fit for your family. Adoption fees vary from dog-to-dog.
Please note that an approved application DOES NOT guarantee that the dog will be placed with you. The final decision rests with our fosters as they know the dogs the best, and please be aware that there may be other applicants interested in the same dog. We continue accepting applications on a dog until the dog is with the new adoptive family in their home.
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3 months ago

Would not recommend breeder. Info and pictures on their website are old. Bought a puppy in 2015 and discovered he has leg deformities. Breeder was not interested, concerned, or responsive.


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