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Puddles- Cancer Survivor


Medium  |  Female

Frankenmuth, MI


Puddles was found inside the water treatment plant on a cold January day in 2005. The vet believes she is a 2-5 years old, but she only weighed 4 1/2 pounds! The poor girl was skin and bones! She was up to 7 1/2 pounds, but has lost weight recentlyl. Puddles had dental surgery and a difficult spay on March 29, 2005. She had a canine tooth pulled and some reconstructive jaw work done. During the spay they found several cysts on her ovaries, as well. We are grateful to for raising the funds to cover the dental portion of Puddles surgery. Then in May of 2005 we found mammary gland cancer. Poor Puddles had two surgeries to remove her mammary gland chains and 5 treatments of chemo! She was in remission for 13 months, but now the cancer has returned in her lungs! Puddles has had 6 more rounds of chemo and is awaiting a check up to see what lays ahead. She was our rescues mascot for five years and is dearly loved by all our volunteers and all who visit us.
Puddles has defied all odds and lived three years longer (so far) than the doctors thought!
Sweet Puddles was adopted in Feb. 2010, by two medical students. They report she is the best study partner, sleeping lovingly in their laps while they read their study books. Puddles loves to follow them everywhere around their home and to sleep on their sofa (she always loved sofas!). While we miss Puddles A LOT, we are so happy she has a home and the love she has always deserved!
Puddles story remains on Petfinder for several reasons. First to show that special needs cats can make wonderful pets and to ask you to search your heart to see if one is right for you. Second, to show that there really is a home out there for everyone! Puddles was with us for five years waiting for her family, but they finally found her! Next, to let you know that if your pet ever gets Cancer it is treatable and they can live long happy lives after treatment and finally MOST IMPORTANTLY, please spay and neuter all of your pets BEFORE their first heat cycle to avoid the possiblity of them getting mammary gland cancer! This cancer is avoidable if you act NOW!

All adoptions come with a complementary 4 lb bag of cat food, and a free month of pet insurance! Please consider sponsoring a cat or kitten. Adoption fees don't cover all their needs or the care they receive. Your tax deductable donation helps to keep our rescue running!

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Frankenmuth, MI

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