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Purdy (Pretty Girl)

Pit Bull Terrier

Large  |  Female

Pembroke, GA


Please contact Joy ( for more information about this pet.

1 year old red nose pit bull terrier

Purdy is a stunning, tall, red-nose, fawn and white pit bull mix. She is anywhere from 9 months old to 2 years old. Approx. 65 pounds. She is a happy (now), delightful, sweet, energetic and playful breath of sunshine. Everything is new and fascinating to Purdy. And yet she will take a break from her playing and running to come over to just kiss you or get a pat. Purdy comes from an abuse situation, so she still reacts to overhead sudden movements and still seems to hesitate to come or take food from people. With time this will improve. We are guessing in her previous situation she was probably tricked often to come close or take food and then beaten. When we first got her she had the scars to prove it. But physically she is all healed.

We are working on her training, and she now knows her name, understands “No”, “come”, ‘wait” and we are trying to get “heel” down. She is housebroken. We’re getting her used to showers (trust still a little bit of an issue). She is good off the leash, provided she has been given adequate exercise – otherwise she will run like a crazy woman, BUT then turn around and come back to you : ) (it will give you a heart attack). She shows interest in all dogs but is ultimately passive and friendly with other dogs, wants to belong in a pack and she’s ok with not being the Alpha dog.

Purdy has long legs and loves love loves to run, so if you are a runner, this girl’s for you. She loves rawhides, tug toys and playing fetch. She loves the ocean as well.

We are looking for very special adopters for Purdy, as she is a treasure and has had such a painful start to her young life. Her new family or owner must be able to provide a peaceful, happy, and STABLE environment that provides her with tons of exercise and socialization. who will spend the time to take her running and play some fetch with her. A loud, multi person family would not be a good fit, we don’t feel she is ready for that amount of stress.. We would prefer to see an active person or couple with 1 or 2 older children. Other pets in the household are not a problem. She loves being part of a pack..

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Pembroke, GA

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