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Pit Bull Terrier

4 years, 1 month

Mission viejo, Ca


Beautiful Queenie (Rosie) was rescued from Downey Animal Shelter after giving birth to 12 puppies! Queenie was emaciated and very ill with pneumonia upon rescue, and trying to feed so many pups really took a toll on her. We almost lost her.
With the help of her devoted foster mom, Queenie recovered. She then survived Pyometra once pups were fully weaned and had to recover all over again.
Once she recovered from Pyometra (her spay surgery took care of it), Queenie underwent 9 weeks of intensive behavior modification training with Yasin Ali of Empire K9 Training. She excels at basic commands, and eventually did well with pack training. Please see her video with her trainer.

She is wonderful with humans and children, but she cannot go to a home with children under 12 for precautionary reasons. She was unsure about other dogs because no one ever socialized her. She was most likely bred several times and maybe dumped pregnant because she was so sick. We'll never know, but her future looks bright thanks to her foster and her trainer.

Her trainer says she is an excellent, excellent dog who now shows confidence around other dogs but like any large dog, she will always have to be introduced properly. She will never be a dog park dog, and we do not recommend a home with cats.
Queenie needs an experienced Pitbull/Bully lover who understands the breed and will commit to working with her so she can fully blossom into the wonderful dog she is and live the life she deserves to live. Our dream is to find someone who connects to Queenie's story and sees the win-win in owning a rescued dog that has overcome huge obstacles. Dogs who have survived trauma and neglect are often wonderful therapy for people who have survived health, emotional, and other trauma and obstacles themselves. We often say rescued dogs help us much more than we help them.
Please email CAUSE4SBPAWS@GMAIL.COM or text (no calls please) 909-838-2243 for more information on our special survivor, Queenie.

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Mission viejo, Ca

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