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8 years, 3 months
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Sioux Falls, SD



10/03/2016 Update.....pathology report came back as malignant mixed tumor, salivary adenocarcinoma and pleomorphic adenoma. Was NOT into lymphovascular system, so that is a good thing. Local recurrence is a possibility if any cells left behind but tumor was encapsilated. Dr Brent confident he got it all.
Raleigh had his dental. Dr Paul had to pull 18 teeth. Raleigh should feel much better now with all those rotten teeth out of his mouth. He is healing and him and Cocoa are about ready to go to their forever home!

9/09/2016 Update....We have some new pictures. Raleigh had his surgery. The mass was removed - it was a very difficult surgery. We don't have pathology results yet. Raleigh is back at his foster home recovering. He is a happy boy no matter what. We will let him rest and heal for a bit and then schedule his dental as his teeth are really nasty.
Raleigh and his best friend Cocoa came to DDR because their owner was giving them away. Raleigh is a very sweet boy and seems to love every one. He loves attention and is very good at doxie kisses. He watches very closely over Cocoa and always makes sure she is ok. Raleigh has a very large mass on the side of his neck. Our vet thinks it is a salivary gland. The surgery would have been much easier when it was smaller, but it was not taken care of. We are hoping surgery will still be possible so Raleigh can have a happy ending to his story and have his very own loving family along with Cocoa.
My name is Raleigh, I am approximately 8 years old, I weigh 12 lbs, my adoption fee is $175+$7.88 sales tax =$182.88

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Sioux Falls, SD

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