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Franklin, TN


Our boy Red Scout needs a few more hugs in life than most dogs. You look in his Beagle face and you just want to hug him tight and tell him that life will be kind to him from now on. This 3 year old 26.5 pound dog came from a small shelter in Tennessee and he was snatched from a hopeless end to his life at this desolate forgotten place. He is easy going and does whatever his foster dad wants and whatever the foster dog or cat wants to do. They all sleep together at night at the foot of their foster dad’s bed. Red Scout is a quiet boy and he is not a barker and he is not a jumper on people. He will follow you like a shadow when he decides that you are his new best friend in life. This is a precious dog that would never hurt a fly and will love you so devotedly till the day he dies.

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Franklin, TN

(615) 661-5333

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