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1 year, 9 months
Medium  |  Female

Rutherfordton, NC


Thank you, for choosing to adopt a rescued pup in need of love, respect, a desire to be an integral family pack member and a secure fur-ever home.
RESCUED! A Rutherford County, NC postal worker was getting off work when she noticed a VERY SWEET, FRIENDLY, well-socialized PREGNANT Harrier Beagle(no ID/collar) wandering aimlessly in the PO parking lot. So, seeing that she was about to give birth any day, she took Mama Dog home where she delivered 8 beautiful, healthy pups(3 f, 5m) the very next day. 'Good Sam' said that she soon heard that this same dog was seen at a small farming community's convenience store parking lot earlier that same morning,~8miles away. Someone had dumped her in town, where they figured she'd be more likely to be taken in by a kind soul.
Mama Dog was in decent health but obviously in a bad/stressful situation, without a place to call 'home'. So then, the babies arrive AOK. Now, 'Good Sam' seeks help for the entire crew.
Howlin4Spirit CARes to the rescue!
dob: July 31, 2016...Mama Dog appears to be a Harrier Beagle, and since all of the pups look like Mama Dog we are surmizing that she may have come from an unwanted over-populated Harrier/Beagle situation and past owner didn't want/couldn't afford more mouths to feed(happens ALL TOO OFTEN, here). This litter will remain in foster care until they have completed their required quarantine, received 3(of 4 required 1st yr) puppy boosters and recovered from their spay/neuter surgery, and will be READY TO GO to their pre-approved adoptive families on SATURDAY/OCTOBER 29th.
adoption fee:$185(includes spay, micro-chip, Parvo-Distemper-Lepto, Bordatella and 1yr Rabies vax, current on Heart worm, flea/tick and internal parasite prevention, all medical paperwork from day#1 with H4S, current health certificate-issued within 3 days of transport, 1 GAL bag of current dry food(4Health-Salmon & Potato), Martingale collar, 6' nylon leash & beef knee cap bone)
To apply to adopt one of these little sweeties, please copy and paste the application provided at: in to a new email, complete all questions thoroughly and send to: at your MOST EARLIEST convenience (to help further your chances of being approved ahead of other applicants also inquiring for this particular pup).
Be SURE to include EMAIL ADDRESSES for your 3(non-related) personal references AND CONTACT INFO for your pet's veterinarian, to help us expedite the processing and approval of your application.

Adopt Me
Rutherfordton, NC

(828) 429-8298

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