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Pit Bull Terrier

3 years, 10 months

Nashville, TN



If you are looking for calm...if you are looking for super sweet, and a quiet snuggler, look no further! Meet Remi !!
This beautiful dog is one of a kind and is deserving of a fantastic home. Remi loves to go for walks and gets along with other dogs!! Such a polite well behaved dog.
Oh, and one really cute thing she does is that she'll sit for a treat but if it takes me too long to give it to her she'll put her paw up. I don't know if she was actually taught to shake or if she's just trying to paw at me, but it looks like a shake and it's very cute. :). But who can stand not to give into her right away!
She is too precious. Housebroken and crate trained... Remi is ready to be your perfect side kick. We are in search of an exceptional family for her to love and be loved the rest of her life.

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Nashville, TN

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1 year ago

Even tho I would like to ve to resue them all I can't but love how they r being taken care , I haven seen one I want but still going to keep looking , thanks for this opportunity.

Teresa hooten

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