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Rhonda's Lucy & Pepper KY - Bonded Pair


10 years, 3 months
Medium  |  Female

Rockaway, NJ


Lucy (an 18 lb. Lemon Pocket Beagle, and Pepper (a 50 lb. lab/terrier/wolfhound mix?) are outrageously wonderful dogs. They are really close, and rely on each other a great deal - never straying far from each other's sides. They've spent their lives together, and exist in the same space with the comfort of beings who know each other well. They've been loved and well socialized.
Their human became ill, had to have surgery, and ended up in assisted living. They ended up at a kill shelter in Kentucky, when Eleventh Hour agreed to take them and bring them to NJ for a second chance. These are senior girls, over 10 years old, so their exercise demands are low. They like to wander around the yard, play a bit, but spend most of their day napping. They are completely housebroken.
Lucy is all beagle! She follows her nose in the yard, and it's so hard to get a picture of her with her head up! She likes to stand on things, fearless in her discovery of her environment. She listens well, though, and snuggles even better. She is talkative - and shares all kinds of beagle wisdom when you rub her belly or wake her in the morning. In the right mood, she bays when she is excited to see you, or wants you to let her outside. She's a tiny nugget of a dog, and will spend most of her day curled up on the couch of the doggy bed, with Pepper close by, snoozing peacefully. She is in good health and just had two teeth removed with a full dental. Otherwise, her blood work and health is amazing.
Pepper is a really sweet, loving, and attentive girl. She looks a bit like a Jim Henson Muppet, with her scruffy face and lively eyes! She's really obedient, and comes immediately when she is called. She likes to make a few laps in the backyard in the afternoon, but then eats dinner, and retires early. She will follow you around the house, from cooking dinner to laundry chores, just to make sure you're okay and don't need her help! She loves to be loved, and leans into your legs, and tucks her head against your waist, tail wagging, asking for affection. Of the two, Pepper is most cued into the humans around her, while Lucy is a little more independent. Pepper also routinely pauses to run back to Lucy, so she can nudge her with her nose, to make sure she is okay.
Both girls get along really well with other dogs. They live in a foster home with four other dogs! They really enjoy canine companionship, but would do best in a quiet home, where they have plenty of time to relax and nap. They would be great with a retired person or persons, as they are used to being at home with someone on a regular basis.
It may seem to daunting to adopt two dogs at once, but you don't get better dogs than this! They are trained, well mannered, polite, and loving. They'd make amazing companions to the right person or family. They don't take a lot of energy or space - they are just content to be safe, fed, and loved - with the occasional trot around the backyard! Everyone who meets them in their foster home falls madly in love with them. They'd bring so much joy and love to the right home.

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Rockaway, NJ

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