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Staffordshire Bull Terrier

3 years, 2 months
Medium  |  Male

National Listings, MO



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Sweet Athletic Boy Looking for Active People and Dog Buddy

This gorgeous Staffordshire Terrier/Lab mix could run a marathon! I swear. Riley’s a very sweet, mild-mannered, athletic guy looking for a highly active, athletic home. If you’re a long-distance runner or biker, Riley’s your guy. This handsome fellow has gorgeous golden eyes and a shiny, sleek, red/blonde coat of hair. He’s just the right size – not too big or too small – weighing in around 50 lbs. If you hike, he can carry his pack with his own water. And even better, he’s the perfect age – about 3 years old. He’s got great house manners and knows how to sit and stay. He also walks well on a leash. He’s neutered and current on shots. He’s got sparkling white teeth too! Gets along with other dogs, but no cats, please.

Riley’s a lover, although shy when he first meets people. Once he feels comfortable with you, he’s a snuggler and a lover! Riley quickly learns the household routine and anticipates what you want him to do. Riley’s quite the psychic, and a very smart guy too!

Because he’s a bit shy in new situations, Riley will be a great dog in a home where he’s given patience and a well-balanced doggie buddy to help him with his confidence. No dominant doggie buddies, please. In his foster home, he plays nicely and shares toys and chew toys with his doggie friend. And his dog buddy gives him lots of confidence when they go places together.

From his foster mom: Riley goes hiking every week with me and my dog. And that’s how I found out what Riley LOVES ... he LOVES TO RUN! (Doesn’t run away, just runs for the joy of running.) He runs at top speed up hills, through meadows, through the forest. (We’ve been going to Payson and Flagstaff since it’s still a bit warm here in Phoenix). Running is this guy’s heart’s desire. (He might have been a racing greyhound in his previous life! Ha!) I expect he runs 20-30 miles while my dog runs, 5-10 miles. And he always comes back when I call him! He minds very well. He also loves to wade and swims to retrieve sticks I throw in the water. He enjoys play time a lot! He absolutely needs a home where he’ll be given lots of exercise! He’ll be the perfect training buddy for a runner or biker! Or perhaps live on a large ranch where he can run for miles every day scouting the territory for new scents! When we get home after he’s run almost non-stop all day, he snuggles near me and falls asleep. He’s such a sweetie pie.

Some great things about Riley...

Loving and sweet
Calm and gentle
Loves belly rubs, massages and ear scratches
Has basic obedience training
Comes when called
Rides well in the car
Doggie door trained
Squats when he goes potty
Needs little or no grooming
Up-to-date shots
Good with children
Gets along with other dogs
Not pesty or needy ... yet loving ... the perfect balance
He’s a happy-go-lucky guy looking to become a polite family member
A good watch dog ... not a big barker but knows when the time to bark is
Listens to your commands, wants to please
Low maintenance as he just loves to hang out with other doggies and enjoy your human companionship

The perfect home for Riley would give him a lot of exercise! He needs to run with you or along side your bike (not just in a backyard) every day! Or, he could be trained to use a treadmill to get in his exercise. He also needs a doggie buddy to help him with confidence, and a home with a lot of love for this sweet guy. He’ll love being with you once he gets to know you! He just needs a little patience until he warms up to you.

Please watch my short videos, I love my doggie play buddies:

This great pup comes with his personal items: new cushiony-fluffy dog bed, premium dog food and treats, a wire crate, a durable collar and leash, and recent vet vaccination records.

To meet this wonderful boy at his Phoenix foster home, please contact me to schedule a meet and greet:

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National Listings, MO

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