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Ripken - Foster Needed


4 years, 7 months
Small  |  Male

Minneapolis, MN


Adoption Fee $350

Meet Ripken!

Ripken is a smart, spirited, happy boy who loves to play ball and with his toys. He is a little shy and needs to be approached gently until you get to know him, but warms up quickly and responds very well to positive attention and good bacon treats. He will sleep through the night in his crate and likes to go to bed early as long as he gets play time and a walk. He needs supervision while he learns that shoes and other things aren't dog toys. He walks fairly well on a leash and also does well at the dog park, especially with the dogs. Unfamiliar people should approach him carefully and be around him awhile before touching him.
He is working on learning basic commands and potty training. He occasionally has an accident in the house. If let out frequently and led to the right place in the yard, he does very well. He is a joyful little dog when you praise him.
He would be best in a home where he isn’t left alone for long periods of time. He would enjoy being with another dog that is playful and/or a person who can give him lots of attention. He has some fear of children and should not be around young kids. He also has a bit of a Chihuahua personality and will do best with a family that will establish the boundaries so he feels he doesn't have to be in control. He can bark loudly at times when he sees other people or dogs outside the fence or when new people visit but he calms down quickly most of the time.



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Minneapolis, MN

(763) 503-4990

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