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Red Heeler

2 years, 6 months
Medium  |  Male

Marion, IA


Ripley is an Australian Cattle dog -Red Heeler mix that is approximately 2 years old and weights around 47 pounds. He knows the commands sit and shake but does not keep his kennel clean. He has plenty of energy and does not know when to stop playing, so we recommend no smaller children. He will need exercise on a daily basis and when you do not pay attention to him, he may talk to you and let you know he is being ignored.
Ripley appears to be okay with other dogs. It appears he wants to chase cats, so any cats would appreciate that he not be in their home.
Update from foster home:
He's a very fun loving boy that loves to play, but gets mad when things don't go his way per say if someone isn't paying attention to him, or he gets his toy stuck, he will bark at it until what he wants happens.. and boy does he have a high pitched bark! I would not say he is very high energy as he's content to chill in the air conditioning rather then go for a walk. --Inside of that, he is still rather panting a lot to be what I consider normal, but it has subsided a little bit... he is also drinking TONS of water.. At the moment I am monitoring-- He does walk rather well on a leash and doesn't pull hard, but leash training could.. well really obedience training would probably be a plus.. He loves to please and he is very food motivated (A PIGGGG!!) The day I got him he went poop over 10 times in less than 24 hours.. but so far we are down to 4 a day and hoping it will still decrease as we have him on Proplan Sport. He IS NOT pottytrained.. however... we almost went 24 hours without an accident and he tends to go poop inside more than have a pee accident. His poop seems to be firming up though as well and not be mush.

He is an everything lover and I haven't met anything he doesn't like yet and sometimes he's a little too loving in some dogs and cats cases! haha. ***Cats*** he does get along with cats and I haven't seem him try to chase them but he is a herding dog so it wouldn't surprise me.. but when the cats just walking around or laying he's just like 'eh, whatever'. He doesn't show any aggressive natures towards them so I think with work he could live happily with a cat.. Every person he sees on a walk he expects is coming to pet him! It's too funny. He is a jumper though when he does get excited and will headbutt you in the face if you're not watching. He is a little mouthy.. but not terribly.. i connect it to just being a puppy with little training, although he does know sit and shake (both paws) so he did have someone who loved him enough to train him at one point. I think he would love dock diving, or even agility or jumping course if given the chance. If I still have him, I hope to take him to Thornberry dog park in coralville and see how he does in the pond.

He isn't kennel trained but will go into the kennel with out too much fuss, but he does whine a bit when he is in there but it helps knowing he's not alone. He is actually responding fairly well to his name and whistles/noises but not commands yet. He is a counter surfer so watch everything within reach. I do think he would be too much for younger kids as he does get overly excited and might knock them over. Oh and he LOVES car rides! but will try to go over your lap if you're in a drive thru to say hi to the other person haha. He's not the smartest crayon in the box.. but he does have his moments. Screen doors and stuff like that just jump out of no where! He is very clumsy but I do think it is a confirmation problem as he has what I would call sickle hock in a horse.. Cow hocked or sickle hocked in a dog. SO while he is running and playing he does tend to fall down etc, but it doesn't seem to mind him at all.

All in all he is a great boy and a good example of the breed.. and a big baby who cries when he gets his nails trimmed (although he did fine). He will roll onto his back if he thinks you're coming after him because he did something naughty too though.

I think that's it.. Him and Riley are getting along fabulous as long as he remembers she likes her sleep. AND overly aggressive playing dogs do sort of scare him. (He'll try and hide).

If you are interested in meeting Ripley, please contact Gretchen at As we are all volunteers, please allow some time for a response.
A home visit is part of our adoption process.
The adoption fee is $175 unless otherwise stated. The fee includes spay/neuter, heartworm/Lymes test, heartworm and flea preventative, testing and treatment for a variety of intestinal parasites and vaccinations. We have an all-volunteer staff, which means your entire fee goes towards helping homeless animals.
Breed Disclosure: Due to the fact that most of our adoptable pets are strays, we cannot guarantee their breed. We list the pet’s breed as the one that best matches the physical appearance, temperament, and personality of the animal. The pet may also be listed as a mix when it’s actually a purebred.

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Marion, IA

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