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11 years, 4 months
Medium  |  Female

Fargo, ND



Foster Feedback:
Rita still enjoys going on walks and being outside, but is also content with just hanging out. She continues to be obsessed with water and no one is really sure what that is. I tried taking her to the dog park, but she didn’t roam very far, it was like she didn’t know what to do. She is very mild-mannered and not aggressive. She would do great with an older person who has a lot of time to take her outside for potty and for walks.
Rita enjoys going for walks and also likes to cuddle. She prefers a quiet environment and will bark if things get loud and/or chaotic. Her previous owners trained her to sit, lay, get in your bed, get in your kennel and turn around. She has an obsession with water and the vet has checked her for multiple diseases and she's perfectly healthy. She needs to be on water restriction unless you're able to take her outside everyone hour or two. She gets along well with other dogs unless they're being too loud or wild while playing, then she feels the need to go over and break it up. smile emoticon Even though she's a senior, she's still very active on walks, but doesn't really play much with toys.
Rita is believed to be between 11-13 years old, but still enjoys going on walks and will even run for awhile, so age isn’t slowing her down. She’s potty trained, but needs to be taken out every couple of hours, unless she’s in a kennel, then she can go over night. She’s been tested for diabetes and other ailments because she can’t seem to get enough water. She’s currently on water restriction, in order to help with the potty training. She’s mild mannered, but doesn’t like a lot of noise or any aggressive play going on around her. She knows some commands, so someone spent time training her. She knows; sit, lay down, spin, get in your kennel, etc.

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