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American Staffordshire Terrier

4 years, 2 months
Medium  |  Male

Whitestone, NY



Roman came in as a stray, so his past behaviors in a home are unknown. At intake it was reported Roman was very fearful with his tailed tucked and whale eyes, he allowed minimal handling. During SAFER Roman came into the assessment room nervous and timid, not all handling items were able to be conducted as Roman tried to bite at the assessor on the tag interaction. During this portion of the assessment on food item he allowed his head to be removed out of the food bowl with a bit of pressure against his cheek, and for toy/rawhide items he displayed no interest. In light of this behavior we feel that placement with a rescue who can provide positive reinforcement-based behavior modification is the best option at this time. Look: 2. Dog’s eyes are averted. His body posture is stiff and fearful; his tail is low and not moving. He allows head to be held loosely in Assessor’s cupped hands. Sensitivity: 2. Dog stands still and accepts the touch, his eyes are averted, and his tail is between his legs, body stiff, and mouth closed. Tag: 5. Dog tries to bite. Food: 2. Dog follows the dish with his tail down, body soft. Dog lifts head after a bit of pressure from hand to cheek. Toy 1: No interest. Rawhide: 1. No interest.

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Whitestone, NY

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1 year ago

Am very interested in the dog ,can you please text me (516) 362-0473 and also email me for more info

mike moore

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