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2 years, 10 months
Medium  |  Female

Mills, WY



Rosy is a nice quiet girl. She gets along with other dogs and kids, don't know about cats. Her problem is she has some food aggression with other dogs so she was surrendered. She has no food aggressions with people and I hold her bowl for her, she just eats quickly. Since being in rescue, she has shown no foot aggressions against other dogs. She went to a home for 3 weeks and showed no food aggressions to their 2 other dogs, one large, one small.
She is very sweet, a little shy at first meeting then, look out for all the kisses. She loves being brushed will sit then roll onto her side. She wants to play. She is excited to see you so will want to jump up, but stops when you say "off". Rosy would make a great walking, jogging or hiking partner
She has the zoomies when turned out in the play area, but comes when called. Although she tested slightly curious with cats, when she is turned loose, she wants to chase them, so a home without cats is preferred.

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Mills, WY

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