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Horn Lake, MS


Roxie the Doxie

Please note: We do not adopt out of the midsouth area which would be more than an hour from Hernando (if you have a question please email us before doing the application). Also, a home with children under 12 yrs old will not be considered since we do not know Roxie's history.
Meet Roxie the Doxie. Roxie was rescued after being seen for almost a year. She was too terrified to let people get close to her and would run away any time someone got to close to her - she was in survival mode. She only survived due to the people who faithfully put food out for her and we thank those people profusely. Because of her intense fear, Roxie had to be trapped to be rescued.
Roxie came around to trust her rescuer almost immediately and now craves human company to the point of having some separation anxiety. She is what we call a Velcro dog because she wants to be as close to her human as she possibly can at all times. She will follow you from room to room and if you make her stay outside the room she will cry for you. Her very favorite activity is laying in your lap on her back getting full and long belly rubs! She also wants to sleep on the bed with you, sit beside you on the couch and doesn't like to go outside to potty without you, especially at night. So, if you don't like these behaviors, this sweet girl is not for you.
Roxie was in remarkably good shape health wise, even testing negative for heart worms which is unheard of in this area. Her skin was in bad shape due to all of the parasites, but has since recovered completely. Roxie was previously spayed. She is in great health and estimated to be about 5 years old by the vet. She has been fully vaccinated.
Roxie gets along great with the other dogs in her foster home. She loves the cats in the home as well, but they're not sure what to make of her when she tries to play with them. She had a few accidents in the house initially, but after focusing on just surviving for so long, who could blame her. She walks well on the leash and rides very well in the car. She's happy where ever she is as long as she's with her human.
Unfortunately, like a lot of small dogs, Roxie doesn't seem to be a fan of small children, so she will not be placed in a home with a child under at least 12 years old. She also shows some fear toward a lot of men. I believe, with her loving nature, if the man will give her the time and patience she needs, if he'll talk softly to her, doesn't raise his voice around her, gives her treats, doesn't try to pick her up and lets her come to him when she's ready, that she will bond to him as well, but she'll probably always look to the woman in the home as her primary. She, like most doxies, is a great watchdog letting you know if there is anything unusual going on near your home. For this reason, she would not be good for an apartment.
If you think you might be interested in Roxie, please email us to find out when she'll next be at an adoption event so you can meet her at or submit a pre-adoption application here: or

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Horn Lake, MS

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1 year ago

I adopted my baby from DARS and it went very smoothly. I really like the fact that they foster them in their homes so they know them very well. I appreciate the time and care they take in selecting the best match for the animals and they couldn't have been nicer!


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