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Basset Hound

Medium  |  Female

Charleston, SC


Hello future forever family!
I'm Roxy -- I was lost for quite a while out there, wandering around, and was mom to many puppies. But I'm feeling almost found now! The nice people who found me in South Carolina drove me up to North Carolina where I live with my foster mom and two fur siblings. My mom has told me all about all her basset fosters who have found amazing homes, and she's shown me pics! And one of her former fosters is a really great dude named Archie who lives over the hill with his forever family and we go see him a lot.
When I first got to this house, there was a lot to learn. There were steps outside all of the doors to go out and pee and that was a bit overwhelming. So I would just pee on the deck. But the other dogs laughed and told me not to be so silly, go down the steps and use the grass. So now I go up and down the steps many times a day and it's almost fun! And I use the deck to lie in the sun, which I LOVE!
My fur siblings bark at a big dog when they see him, so I barked too, and they thought that was great, so I barked at the trees, mailboxes, leaves, and they told me it was cool but my foster mom said that was not a good thing, so now I'm trying not to bark at everything. But it was really fun to find my voice.
I absolutely love breakfast and dinner. Food is just amazing. And everyday we have breakfast and dinner and I find that wonderful.
The best thing is that in my foster mom's room there are three dog beds. A little one, a middle one, and a big one. One of the dogs said that the big one was for me but she must have been kidding because most of the time no one is in the other beds, so while my mom is working I sleep in each bed for about 15 minutes then move to the next one. Dog beds are amazing, like food!
I love the car! So much to see. I love our walks. I can't think of anything I don't love. Foster mom puts me in a crate when she goes out which I don't love, but it's not bad and I just fall asleep. She says it's so no one pees in the house while I'm gone, and I don't want people peeing in the house while she's gone so I know I'm safe in the crate.
In mid October I start my Heartworm treatment, and will have a second round in November. Archie told me I won't love that, but I will love having it over with so I can move to my forever and ever home for the holidays. I don't counter surf, or jump on anything or anyone. My hind legs aren't really made that way, so if I want to put my head in my foster mom's lap while she drinks coffee in the morning, which I love, she picks me up and puts me there.
I would love to have a home with other dogs because I love them, but I may be ok without other dogs. And a wonderful family, where everyone has breakfast and dinner and there are lots of dog beds and I can go out and lie in the sun. 09/29/16

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