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10 years, 1 month
Medium  |  Female

St. Cloud, MN


Roxy is a boxer/terrier cross that weighs about 45 pounds and is approximately 10 years old. Unfortunately, in the last few years, Roxy has been bounced around a bit causing her to become slightly fearful with new experiences. This being said, she is looking for her forever home with people who will love her to the moon and back!
Roxy would do best in a home without any other animals. She was not socialized properly very well when she was young so doesn’t understand “dog language.” She has a lot to learn before she should be allowed to interact with other dogs – even when supervised. She is also too interested in cats, so she should not live in a home with cats either.
Don’t let this scare you away though because Roxy has some absolutely amazing qualities as well. She LOVES LOVES LOVES kids. She loves kids more than anything else in the world! Her favorite pastime is cuddling with the 7 year olds in her foster home, she would do that all day if she could. She can be a little shy with new people, because she wasn’t socialized as a puppy, but if she is given a little time to warm up – she will be your best friend! She does wag her tail and is polite to strangers but is also cautious until she has warmed up to them. Due to her shy nature, she would not do very well in a large group setting with people she didn’t know.
Roxy is house trained and can hold it for a minimum of 8 hours. She is also reliably crate trained. Her crate is her safe place; she will often lay in her crate voluntarily. When her people come home and let her out of the kennel – she is very excited and happy, it is like she can’t believe you are home! She also eats while in her crate because she gets a bit shy and doesn’t like to eat in front of people. Her foster mom just puts her food in her kennel and leaves her alone for a little bit.
Roxy also does well on walks. She currently has a martingale collar and is very polite on leash – not pulling much at all. Car rides are one of her favorite things, she sits quietly and looks out the window, and she rarely leaves the back seat. Once she has seen enough, she will curl up in the seat and fall quietly asleep. She can get a little timid when getting out of the car in a strange place, until she is comfortable – she may be a bit skittish.
Roxy is an amazing dog, she does have some quirks but she is definitely worth every single moment you put into her! She deserves to be loved and cared for as a member of a family and to feel safe, because she hasn’t experienced that except for her time spent with Grey Face Rescue. Are you the person that will take the time to work with her to slowly help her realize the world is a fun place outside of her home?

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St. Cloud, MN

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