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Roxy NKA Baby Bear

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

3 years, 3 months
Medium  |  Female

Crete, IL


Roxy was surrendered at Chicago Animal Care and Control because of moving/landlord issues. It was clear that Roxy wasn't well cared for. She had missing hair patches due to fleas and overgrown nails making it uncomfortable for her to walk. Roxy was terrified in her cage and caught an illness in the shelter. In a matter of days, her status URGENT--she wasn't "showing well" in her cage due to her fear and her sickness. With a cough and very bad congestion, the Animal Welfare League pulled her out and took her into their shelter, where she remained in isolation for over two weeks. Dogs are Deserving found a foster and got her out of the shelter and into a home.

Roxy really blossomed once she got into a home. She seemed to know she was finally safe. She sat, gave paw with both paws, went down on command, rolled onto her back, and went right into her cage to lay down. She is a big lap dog. She loves being close to her people, and will nap right on top of you. When she has been crated, Roxy/Baby Bear has a little happy dance she does in the crate before opening it.
We believe that her previous owners may have used items to hit her, so she does flinch at anything that is swung near her and at loud noises. Roxy/Baby Bear needs to be in a home with no cats or small animals. And at this point, no other dogs - pending her training. Roxy has been showing some reactivity on leash and is in need of training. DADR is working on getting her into class. And we expect any adopter to continue to practice dog etiquette with her long term.

She’s a loving, sassy little thing and she really enjoys belly rubs. Roxy loves to play co-pilot on car rides in her foster daddy’s truck. She loves her dog food and treats. She also loves balls--so much so that she loves them to death...destroying them quickly. She just started getting a hang of the tug toy and is really enjoying that too.

Roxy/Baby Bear likes to lounge around the house. She is very interested in looking out the window at the small animals that pass by - sometimes a little too interested that the blinds need to be shut. She also loves to go on walks and on a nice jog.

She loves hearing any words that have to do with food and walk! And Roxy/Baby Bear has a lot of patience... waiting at the top of the stairs for her walks until her foster daddy is ready for her to come down for her walk.

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Crete, IL

(312) 428-6988

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