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Medium  |  Female

Toronto, ON


4 year old Ruby is a hound mix who is approximately 40 pounds
she is currently in a foster home with several other dogs and gets along fine however she can be dog selective; she currently visits the local dog park without issue
she is 85% housetrained which may sound a bit strange but when her routine is changed, or if she has been stressed by a loud noise (like a big dump truck) she sometimes comes in the house and will urinate - so hence our take on housetraining; we want to be completely transparent about our foster dogs
Ruby loves routine, has now been crate trained and enjoys walks and trails - she is NOT an off leash dog - she is a hound and will follow her nose so she is not a dog who can go to the cottage and be let off the leash
Her dream home would be with someone who had a house with fenced yard, and either worked from home or had a dog walker for her midday and someone who would be her "apple"
as mentioned above she is sound sensitive so an area that is near buses, trucks or streetcars will not be a good fit for Ruby; she would be too frightened and stressed all the time
A quiet neighbourhood with lots of interesting sights and smells will suit Ruby just fine
A home with older children would be fine (younger children/toddlers may be too noisy for Ruby to cope with); the foster mom has introduced her to nylabones (which she loves) which has taken the edge off her initial anxiety
Ruby is a lovely soul and is waiting for that special someone

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Toronto, ON

(416) 444-4190

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so sad

Elizabeth Hardin

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