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Rue, Italian Greyhound-Terrier mix

Italian Greyhound

1 year, 7 months
Small  |  Female

Arlington, WA


Rue came to us with 8 newborn puppies. she was dumped at the shelter while in labor and gave birth to all 8 there. Rompin Paws stepped up to give this girl a safe place to raise her babies and then find her a wonderful Home.
Rue is very uniquge looking, she has a gorgeous red-chocolate short coat and unque facial features. her colouring is gorgeous and she has a dark chocolate strip down her back. rue is a super loving dog. she lives to be in a lap and be held close. if allowed, she will sleep under the covers at nite. she will do best with someone who is around a lot, like a person who works from home, because she like to be close to her people.
Rue is tall and agile having many of the italian Greyhound features. she needs a moderate amount of exercise, so running in a yard while her humans watch and nice walks will do her well. she seems to get along with other dogs but will also do well as an only dog., We guess her age to be 2 years or less. Rue has a way of getting into your heart because she is so loyal and loving. she will make an excellent companion if you want a dog to really be focused on you.

Adopt Me
Arlington, WA

(206) 551-9241

Top Reviews

1 year ago

I would really want a puppy, we all need a little new puppy Spike Lee wants another dog, we had an American Eskimo he died at 17 yrs, I this is the app. can`t find anything else , only really wanting to see today if that is possible?

Polly Jonson

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