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American Staffordshire Terrier

2 years, 3 months
Large  |  Male

Rosenberg, TX


Ruff! My name is Ruger!
I was found and taken to the Ft Bend County Animal Shelter where then I was known as "A00007735", and placed in a kennel in the far back, where nobody really saw me.
During the "Clear the Shelter" event, all these humans kept walking past me, and I didn't understood why. I tried to look good and was very quiet and polite, yet nobody was interested.
Suddenly this lady showed up and started talking to me. I couldn't believe it. Me! She was talking to me! Even touched me and gave me kind words! I was on cloud nine!
A view days later this other lady showed up and took me on a car ride to see a doctor.
The doctor said I had an ear infection, and my hairless body was from demodectic mange, which is not contagious, but still itches like crazy!
He also was talking about me getting "fixed", which at that time I did not know what that meant.
I had to return to the shelter, which was a major downer, but just a view days later, the first lady showed back up again. BOY was I happy to see her!
She but a real collar on me. My own collar! And we went on a car ride. (have I mention how much I LOVE care rides?)
She told me, that a group of humans that have former shelter pets (they call "FBCAS Alumni")came together and raised money for SOCA-FBC to pull me out of the shelter, and that I was on my way to a foster home.
And there I was, in a real home, with a bed of my own, with 5 other dogs to play with and a foster-dad that gave me all my medications I needed to start my healing process.
He fed me multiple times a day small amounts, because he said my little tummy wouldn't know how to handle too much food. He said something about "packing some meat on me". I guess that would be fine with me.
He also started to teach me some more manners on how to behave inside a real home, and that I didn't had to mark everything.
A few weeks later I got to go on yet another car ride to see the doctor. This time I did not have much fun there. When I woke up I was in pain and high as a kite. I heard I gotten neutered.
Not too sure yet what it is, but boy I hope it is a one time deal!
The humans keep saying it will be better for me in the long run. Boy I hope they are right.
My humans told me that I will start fighting these worms in my heart as soon.
I just have to gained a view more pounds, my skin needs to be cleared up a bit more.
They also said they needed to raise a bit more money, so they can pay for that treatment.
I can't wait to be a completely healthy dog again!
I was told that I was a very nice and pleasant dog to be around.
Someone even called me a "doggie Buddha", because of my quiet energy around me.
I like walking on the leash, enjoy car rides and playing with other dogs.
I would love to have my own furrever home with a human I can love on.
Please let my humans know, should you be interested in me.
Looking forward to meet you soon.

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