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Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler

Medium  |  Male

Garden City, NY



Hey everyone my name is Rusty, I am working on my hypnosis skills, can I try them on you!?
Look into my eyes, look deep into my eyes. You want to adopt me, now when I lick your face you are going to wake up and fill out an application for me!
How did it work??!! Well, if you have any doubt about adopting me, just read what I have to say and I am sure all your doubts will be gone!
My family and I were originally surrendered to this loud place in my home state of Kentucky when my human family decided they could no longer care for us. We were all so scared and couldn’t believe what was going on. Then these nice people came and took us all out of there, me and my whole family! It was so cool, but we got separated when they said we were going to “foster homes”, well I didn’t know what that meant, I was sad that I had to leave me family. Well, then I got to my foster home, and I wasn’t sad anymore!!!
In my foster home there are other dogs for me to play with! It is so cool! The best part was I got to stay in the house, ya see at my old house we all had to stay outside. But here, I get to live inside, it is great! I love all my foster siblings, we love to play chase and wrestle around, and it is awesome! I also live with cats, have you ever seen a cat? Well, I hadn’t until now, they are ok I guess, I don’t really pay much attention to them because I am too busy playing with my foster brothers and sisters.
Since I have never lived in a house before there are lots of new things that I am learning. I am working on my house training skills, I am not really good about telling my foster mom when I have to go outside, but she has me on something called a schedule, I go out at certain times so I don’t have accidents. That’s going to be important for my new family! I am also working on this whole crate training thing, let me tell you that is my least favorite! But, I guess it is not so bad, I am only in there if my mom has to run out or it is night time and everyone is sleeping.
Mom says I am a medium energy guy, who would fit well into just about any home. I love to go for walks, runs, hikes, and have play time with my foster siblings but I am also pretty content to just lay around and chew on my toys. Mom also says I would do best in a home with kids who are older. Ya see, I have never lived with kids before and sometimes new people scare me a little-I think that comes from only living with 1 family my whole life and not being well socialized to other people. Foster mom says I warm up really quick to new people though, once I am comfortable with you, I will shower you with love and kisses, I love to give kisses so you better be ready!! I would also do best in home with a fenced in yard for me to run and play in or someone who is going to take me for lots of walks. I shouldn’t be allowed to run loose in the yard, again because sometimes I get scared.
Ok, now let’s try this hypnosis thing again! Ok look into my eyes, look deep into my eyes. You want to adopt me, when I lick your face you will wake up and fill out an application!
Rusty is about 40 pounds, 2 and ½ years old, neutered, up to date on all vaccines, flea/tick and heartworm medication and microchipped.
Rusty is being fostered in Bloomfield, NY
Any questions please contact his foster mom at
Complete an Application:!adopt/c6mv

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