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*** IN DANGER Rusty


1 year, 1 month
Medium  |  Male

Pryor, Ok


I am the one who had (key word being HAD) the “caution, will bite” sign on my kennel for over a week. I never thought I would bite…it never crossed my mind, but I was and still am scared to death of this place. I did find a little comfort during my photoshoot, which was nice. I guess you need my name, I’m Rusty. I am part Black Mouth Cur and part Beagle and I only weigh in at 30lbs. Oh, and I am o nly 10 months old and already behind bars for unknown reasons. Yeah, that’s been a sore subject for the last two weeks. I really am a kind and gentle pup, I am just very shy and very afraid of this place. I couldn’t even smile big for my pictures. I’m saving my million dollar smile for my new family, who I hope will show up after reading my bio. You know, once I get to know a person, I’m glued to them. Someone out there must be looking for a pup like me. Please don’t look away because I look afraid or scared to death. I promise that once I get into a real home with a real family, I will be the happiest dog alive. Call me at the Shelter (918) 825-7172. My adoption fee is 1/2 price for a limited time.

Adopt Me
Pryor, Ok

(918) 605-6516

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