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Poodle (Standard)

Large  |  Male

Edmonton, AB


Rusty is a 7 year old Labradoodle who is looking for a deserving home. He is a big teddy bear who loves back scratches and ear rubs. He is quite sure he is a person too, and always wants to be with you -- curled up by your feet in the evenings while you watch TV, or eagerly looking out the windows of the car as you drive. His favorite treats are crunchy pieces of Bell peppers, a dollop of peanut butter on his dog food, or a little bowl of vanilla ice cream (he won't miss a drop!). He is great with kids, and puts up with being chased, ridden, or climbed on. He doesn't shed, but does get pretty fluffy every two to three months and needs a good haircut! He is also quite sure he is still a puppy, and will gleefully take off and gallop around in giant circles the moment you get to the off-leash dog park -- though thankfully he's very good at racing back to you once you call his name a couple times!
Rusty will only be adopted to a home committed to using rewards-based, force-free training: this means no choke chains, pinch collars, shock collars, or dominance-based training methods.
Rusty is neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. His adoption fee is $350. If you are interested in adopting Rusty, please submit an adoption application at
If you would like to donate toward Rusty's care, or toward any other animal in need, please feel free to donate with PayPal, Interac Online or credit card through All donations receive a tax receipt.
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