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Wee Man


Small  |  Male

Salt Lake City, UT


My name is Wee Man, I am about 3 years old and have found myself in search of a loving home. In my short life I have had several homes, but none of them have worked out for me, which is by no means any fault of mine. One of my owners died and I was given to a woman that couldn’t care for me properly. From there I was given to another woman that also couldn’t care for me and have spent the last 3 months in a very hectic home with people that were not terribly kind to me.
It makes me sad when people and or kids pull my tail or tug at my neck. Sometimes when people touch my neck I growl because it reminds me how much I didn’t like people being so rough with me. I mean, I only weigh 8 pounds for heck's sake! I really love playing with other dogs! Big or small, I like them all! I really like nice and gentle humans, too. Sometimes I’m shy around people I don’t know, but once I figure out they are going to be nice to me I like to shower them with my sticky kisses! I haven’t had a whole lot of positive attention in this life, so when I started to get some in my foster home I found that I love it, crave it, and that it makes me feel really good inside. In fact, I’m feeling pretty darn confident these days!
My foster mama tells me every day how smart I am because I learned how to use the dog door in just ONE day! I just watched my foster Chihuahua siblings do it and ta-da, just like that I knew how to go outside to use the bathroom! My foster mama also tells me every day that I is kind, I is smart and I is important and that anyone would be extremely lucky to have me in their family!

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Salt Lake City, UT

(801) 328-4731

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