Sally and Tess Bonded in New England CP



Marathon, RI


This dog is NOT offered for adoption by Friends of Homeless Animals (FOHA). This dog is solely a courtesy posting for another rescuer.
Adoption Donation: donation waived to the right home
Located: in New England
Age: approx 9 and 10 years old

>> Although the smaller dog, Sally is Tess’ mother. Sally is mostly beagle and Tessa appears to be a beagle/chow mix judging by her purple tongue, but I have never had them tested. I adopted Sally and Tess when they were approximately 1 and 2, but we have never known their actual age. This would make them approximately 9 and 10 now. I was told that they were rescued from a neglectful home in Tennessee where they were tied outside all day and rarely fed. We do know that they both contracted heartworm at this time. Sally had a mild case and apparently Tess had as severe a case you can have. We believe this is the reason for much of Tess’ heart condition.
>> Personalities
>> When I adopted the girls, Tessa was as scared a dog as I had ever seen. She would collapse to the ground in fear every time a car went by on our walks and wouldn’t let anyone pet her. Today Tessa is still the more timid of the two, but she is only scared of plastic bags at this point. She is still pretty independent and rarely seeks out affection. Sally believes she is a 5 lb. lap dog. She could not be more opposite than Tess. She will sit on your lap all day if you let her and loves and craves affection. Sally is very afraid of thunder, but is generally ok when someone is home. If someone is not home, she has been destructive in the past. When I first adopted them I had a cat that they got along with but they have not co-existed with a cat in about 7 years. They do not do well with other dogs. They have not actually been aggressive towards other dogs because I have not put them in a situation where it would be possible. At this point, the excitement it would cause would certainly make Tessa pass out. They are both great with children, but Sally is the more easy-going of the two.
>> Medical History
>> Sally has been healthy since I adopted her. She has had her teeth cleaned three times in her life, but not for several years at this point. She does have some damage to her teeth from chewing on her crate. She was hospitalized just once overnight because she ate chocolate-covered espresso beans (oops).
>> Tessa had a heart murmur when I adopted her that she still has today. She has never had her teeth cleaned because her heart condition makes her unable to go under anesthesia. She has always had trouble breathing while exercising, especially when warm. Approximately 5.5 years ago, she started passing out when she overly exerted herself and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. At this point, if she runs at full speed for any longer than a few seconds, she usually passes out. We have kept this to happening only about once in the past year by preventing her from running in the backyard. She will also pass out if she sees another dog while outside because she gets so worked up. Other than that, her condition has not worsened in the past 5.5 years since she has been on her two medications. Tessa is unable to get the rabies vaccine because it is believed this will accelerate her heart condition. The vet writes a letter to the town stating this and they issue her a tag anyway. The vet’s name is Vincent Seccareccia and he comes right to the house. His number is 401-222-0970.
>> Care
>> The girls both get fed one cup of food twice a day. Sally has been on Wellness food her entire life. She is not much of an eater and will usually skip 1 of every 2 or 3 meals. Tessa is on a prescription dog food because she was prone to urinary tract infections. It is called Royal Canine Urinary SO dry food. I have not taken her off this food for the past 7 years because she did well with it. I get it through the vet. Tessa also takes two medications daily. She takes one small pill in her morning bowl of food of 10 mg Enalapril Maleate. This is by prescription only. In her other bowl of food, we break open one tablet of VetriScience Cardiostrength, which can be found online.
>> They have not been walked in about 5 years, because Tessa became unable and became too excited when they were separated to walk just Sally. We put them in a crate together at night time with a comforter below them when we leave the house. We mainly do this to keep them off the couches.

Please email if you are interested in adopting:
This dog is NOT offered for adoption by Friends of Homeless Animals (FOHA). This dog is solely a courtesy posting for another rescuer.

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