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I'm Sammy, and here's my story: I was hanging around a business for about a week when a worker decided to take me home. While I was there, they took me to their vet and fully vaccinated me. During my 2 week stay at their house, they also found out that I was house-trained, and I get along with other dogs, kids, and cats. I'm one year old and neutered. There's only one thing, though: I am heartworm positive. But, but, but! Please don't let that stop you from adopting me. There are ways to manage heartworms and the nice Pet Savers people can tell you all about it. Want to know more about me then? I'm a small mixed breed and weigh only about 25 lbs, which you may not be able to tell from my photo. At my rescuer's home, I was alone all day for like 8 hours, and that's too much alone time for a guy like me. So here I am, patiently waiting for my forever home. You won't make me wait too late, will you?

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1 year ago

I am interested in Resses2 could you give me information on her please?

Desire Prothro Burkman

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