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Poodle (Toy)

Small  |  Female

Toronto, ON


Sandy is a 7 year old toy poodle mix who weighs just 7 pounds. She currently lives with several other dogs and gets along very well with all of them however out on walks she can often be reactive to other dogs with barking and chase-away behaviour. Sandy has always been a timid, sensitive soul and takes a bit to warm up to new people but once she does she loves to held and cuddled; she also loves to curl up in an empty, inviting lap. Sandy is a vocal dog and barks when startled/frightened and when she is calling for her favourite human – her mom. When she is frightened or uncertain she will tremble. When she is relaxed and ready for sleep she suckles on her hind foot. When people come to the door Sandy is the first one to alert everyone with her strong-pitched voice while running up the stairs and cowering. She is housetrained and responds well to “go pee pee”, she has been taught “off” and “lay down”. When she is happy Sandy can be seen whirling and twirling while going for walk and even going down the stairs. She has been allowed on furniture (so please do not apply for Sandy if you don’t want a dog on your furniture), sleeps in her bed which is located in the bedroom and she has been crate-trained. Sandy has luxating patellas (which are very common in small dogs) that have not caused her any significant challenges over the years and do not hinder her from running or jumping. Sandy needs to be groomed every 6-8 weeks and her groomer needs to know that she has unusually thin skin. Sandy is not aggressive in any way but will let it be known with a little snarl if she is being sniffed too long by another dog. We do not know what she is like with cats. Due to Sandy’s vocal tendencies we feel she would better suited to a house and not an apartment or condo.
Sandy will come with the following:
· Leash
· Harness
· Bed
· Crate with blankets
· Food and water dish
· Sweaters

Adopt Me
Toronto, ON

(416) 444-4190

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