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Italian Greyhound

11 years, 3 months
Small  |  Male

Richardson, TX



SARGE and BO "the dynamite duo"

Sarge is an alpha dog and takes his job very seriously. He loves to run and play. He can be obsessive with the water hose, so be careful with running water. He is great with children. Sarge is very loyal and will stay by your side. He hesitates to come inside from the backyard until you re-enter the house. He has to be the last on in. He always has his eye out for his family.
Sarge is a great lap dog. He is loving and caring and a great caretaker. He will always know when you are coming down with a cold before you do and he will take care of you the entire time you are sick.
He is not a finicky eater. He has eaten kibble his entire life. That is not to say he doesn't like people food ;)
Sarge is not kennel trained, but is house trained but has regressed a bit due to an illness in his previous family :( but I'm sure once he and Bo are in their new home he will get back on track!
Sarge had a reaction to shots when he was young so this is something his future will need to know.

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Richardson, TX

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