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Sasha -Pup

Lhasa Apso

1 year
Small  |  Female

Minneapolis, MN


Adoption Fee $425

Meet Sasha!

Sasha is active - loves to run around the yard just for the sake of feeling the wind in her face. She is curious about her surroundings, good with other dogs (mostly ignores them at this point, but will probably take more interest in them the less time she spends with her sister). She enjoys going on walks and is learning leash manners. She's a talker (chirps, chortles, whines and barks) when she wants your attention or is separated from her humans. This is improving as she learns to entertain herself with toys, chewies, etc. She would enjoy another gentle, playful dog in the home, but more importantly, she will need playful humans who have plenty of time to spend with her.
These cute pups are learning how much fun it is to be pampered pets!
All that nasty, matted fur is gone. Their coat is already growing back and its going to be soft and fluffy. They love running and exploring in the yard. They are still trying to figure out if the resident dogs are friends or foes, but have begun to respond to invitations to play. Toys were foreign to them a week ago, but they are starting to toss them around. Their favorite activity is chasing ice cubes across the floor.
If adopted together, they will bring a lot of energy and fun to a home. Sasha is the leader; bolder and more active than her sister. She tends to be the aggressor when playing and at times needs to be corrected for playing rough. Both girls LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their humans. (Children not recommended.) Crate and potty training are coming along well.
We are slowly evaluating them to see if they can be adopted separately. They are spending longer periods of time away from each other and so far, it looks promising.

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