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Littleton, co


Scooby is a very sweet older (11-13 years old) neutered male Chihuahua mix, who gets along well with cats, dogs, and people (and birds!). He was left at a boarding facility starting in the Summer of 2014, and surrendered when his owner couldn't afford the boarding bill after several months (he and his "brother" incurred a bill of over $8,000...), and has been looking for his forever home for about a year now. He LOVES to play fetch, and enjoys chewing on dog toys (he's never chewed up anything that he wasn't supposed to in the time I've been holding on to him). He is mostly potty trained (he did live in a boarding facility for over a year, so his training is a little rusty sometimes), but would probably do best with access to a yard and/or walks. He does bark a bit when someone comes to the door, but once he realizes it's someone he knows, he gets very puppy-like in his excitement. He is also very eager to learn - I've taught him to sit before meals, and he picked it up quickly. He is content to sleep away most of the day and night, with short bursts of wanting to play or snuggle.

He doesn't seem to have any health concerns at this time - his eyes are slowly getting slightly clouded, but he doesn't seem to have any trouble seeing through them. No other health concerns over the last two years.

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Littleton, co

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2 months ago

I have fostered for this rescue for over a year and have successfully placed over 20 dogs for them and only heard wonderful feedback. I am still in contact with quite a few of the adopters and they had a great experience with the rescue. It is sad to see bad reviews because the dogs are like children to the owners and they take the adoptions very seriously. I think people also don't realize that their license is at stake if they don't stick to very stringent rules and parameters and vetting schedules. The state requires certain vetting to be done and they are accountable to show proof of it. If they are shut down, no more dogs are pulled, end of story (literally probably the end of the dogs story). I certainly did have a home check per PACFA regulations and have personally conducted home checks for fosters to be placed. Its impossible to please everyone but be assured the dogs best interest are really at heart with them and they take very good care of their dogs.


2 months ago

I've been fostering (volunteering) for this rescue for about a year


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