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Scooter 20lbs 2yrs


Small  |  Male

Rincon, PR


SCOOTER was found on the Beach between Aguada and Rincon on July 19th 2016 - he is being fostered with 2 other dogs and an adult male and female.
Update Aug 28th 2016 from his foster/rescuer "
Scooter is a special little guy with a very sweet, easy going disposition. Seems like he was someone's house / lap dog - then abandoned. Definitely knows his way up onto the bed and sofa!

Scooter loves to be petted and cuddled. He's also energetic and athletic. I take one of our dogs on a 2 mile walk, 2x a day and he keeps up, no problem! He's also managed to jump out our open 1st floor windows, which are several feet off the ground. He's easy going and docile, doesn't mind being bathed with a hose. He walks really nicely on a leash.

He's very companionable and happiest when around to people. My husband and I work from home, but whenever we've left together, he does cry and whine for a bit.

We have a 2 older rescues, 9 yrs and 14 yrs., both neutered females. He is is submissive with the oldest one. And tries to engage the 9 yr old to play, (but she isn't interested). He was fostered for several weeks by another couple, Ellen & Hector, who have an older male dog. They reported all got along very well.

He does seem more stand-offish when meeting other dogs while on leash. He ignores them unless they come right up on him, then he barks. I don't know if this is because he is not used to being on a leash or a territory thing. He also barks at passing cars."

Notes: He is friendly with dogs and people, house trained
Update from foster/rescuer July 20th 2016 - "Just follows me around, then naps nearby. So sweet n mellow. Still have not heard him bark!
He did, however, jump out the window =3+ ft off the ground! when i left to take the trash out... Impressive only bc his legs r like 8" long!"

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Rincon, PR

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