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Scooter Chi


Small  |  Male

Pacific Grove, CA


Scooter is a 9-year-old, 10-pound Chihuahua mix. The first piece of feedback we received about him from one of our volunteers was, "Scooter should be called 'HAPPY'." He is exactly that! This adorable little dude has a great personality and loves to go for walks. You'll have a blast following his little wagging tail around your neighborhood as he sniffs everything and makes lots of friends - especially of the small dog variety.
He is currently enrolled in the UnChained program, which matches at risk youth with shelter dogs who can benefit from training to help make them more adoptable. So far Scooter has learned a lot - he knows sit, stay, down, come and can even do a bit of agility!
He matches his energy to yours. Since he will want to follow you from room to room, you'll set the pace for Scooter's day. When you leave, he might make a little noise to let you know he's ready for your return. So why not take him with you? He loves riding in the car and wants to be close to you. Even at night... He'd really like it if you let him not only sleep on the bed but actually in it.
Scooter is a burrower who prefers sleeping halfway down the bed with his head facing toward the foot. Maybe so he can be comforted that you're nearby and not leaving him.
Scooter has allergies that are still being determined and recently had two tumors removed during a dental procedure. Though we're waiting on the results, Scooter isn't worried. He just wants to know when you're coming to get him.
Scooter came to POMDR after being surrendered to a local shelter when his guardian could no longer care for him.

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Pacific Grove, CA

(831) 718-9122

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