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Pharaoh Hound

Large  |  Male

Dallas, TX


Scotch here and boy have I been hard at work since you saw me last. I can't wait to show you all I have accomplished. My trainer and the volunteers at Paws in the City are so proud of me and I have a confession to make: they are not the only ones- I too am proud of myself and it shows! Not only do I feel so much better on the inside, I look so much better on the outside too. My eyes are bright again and I believe my future is too. Would you like to be in my future? I am looking for an adopter who is the right match. Let me tell you a bit more about myself and maybe, just maybe you are that match OR you can help to set me up with someone who is.
Awhile back one might describe me as a lost soul. Many people would look at me, but instead of commenting on my unique coat or my gorgeous green eyes, I'd hear them whisper 'he looks sad' and 'there is no light in his eyes.' Long story short, I got caught up with the wrong crowd and spent some of my younger days learning from other dogs rather than humans. I didn't understand why I should look to a human to be my leader and keep me safe. The other dogs I spent time with didn't so I thought life was up to me and I had to face things on my own. After all, these other dogs lived by their own rules, so I took those cues, followed the cool crowd, and made my own rules too. It was fun for awhile, but this kind of lifestyle caught up to me.
I needed help and Paws in the City stepped up to help me. I went into training and have been living with a wonderful gentleman who has taught me I don't have to be nervous or take things into my own paws. He spends quality time with me and insists that I maintain a daily exercise routine. He has taught me the most rewarding thing to do is to pay attention to him. In other words, he LOVES me in the way a dog needs to be loved and I am so grateful for him. He 'gets' me. But the time has come for me to move on - to find my own family so he can help other dogs just like me.
Do you have what it takes to be Scotch's hero? He's a lean, medium to large sized dog who is house trained and crate trained. We believe him to be a greyhound/vizla or possibly pharaoh hound mix. He is so graceful. He will need an assertive leader who is engaged and mindful.
Does this sound like you? Can you continue to show him just how beautiful life can be? Fill out an application to adopt on our website
To meet Scotch, please fill out an adoption application at the Paws in the City website:
References and a home visit are required for all adoptions.

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Dallas, TX

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