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Scrappy (5/12/16)


10 years, 5 months
Small  |  Male

Williamson, WV



6/23: Saw Scrappy this morning. His jaw his a little straighter but pretty swollen. Doc doesn't think it will hold up though because the front part of the mandible was very soft. The back jaw repair should hold up.
Update: Surgery scheduled for the week of 6/20/16.
Condition on intake: Poor, will likely need surgery.
Senior, around 10 years and 15 lb, but very full of life!
5/16 vet visit: 2 old jaw fractures The one in the front will be an easy fix but the one in the back is not so simple. Antibiotics before either can be repaired. Doc is concerned that the back one may not heal even with surgery. He has hypothyroidism also.
6/4: Funds raised! Surgery is scheduled. Thank you sponsors!
6/22: Scrappy is at the vet's office. We'll post an update on how he does with the surgery when it's over.
Scrappy's post-surgery update: The bone was too soft to hold a plate, so we installed wires to hold the jaw together. Whether or not the wire stays in place is questionable due to the softness of the bone.

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