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12 years, 2 months
Large  |  Male

St. Cloud, MN


Shadow is an amazing dog. We are not exactly sure what his breed is but our best guess is that he is a collie/American bulldog mix. Shadow was surrendered to the shelter because his owner passed away. He lived there for many months until Grey Face Rescue found out about how amazing he is. Due to living in the shelter for so long, Shadow gained a lot of weight due to lack of exercise. He has slowly been losing weight but could stand to lose a couple more pounds. He is currently 60 pounds of pure love and affection. Shadow LOVES people of all ages and will lap up any attention that he can get – he thrives in crowds because he gets ALL THE ATTENTION! He would love nothing more than to give kisses to every person he meets and is very gentle with children!
Shadow is house trained and can hold it for 10+ hours. He is also crated in his foster home and while he isn’t a huge fan of being crated, he makes the best of it and sleeps (complete with a loud snore) so that when his people are home, he can do what he does best – cuddle! Shadow is a big cuddle bug, he would love nothing more than to just cuddle his humans while they give him belly rubs – he pays in kisses! He thinks getting brushed is like being pet so he likes when his fosters bring out the brush to groom him!
Shadow has been exposed to many dogs while on leash at adoption events and has always been respectful of their space. He is also living with two large-breed dogs and although he doesn’t participate in their play, he will sometimes run with them when he feels like burning off some energy.
Shadow loves car rides, he likes to sit in the back and look out the window, he doesn’t like to lay down in the car because he might miss something! He is also great on walks and only pulls when he sees something that is new or interesting. He is currently walked using a leash and harness and walks very nicely by his fosters side. Some of his favorite things are stuffed toys! He loves being able to chew on them and try to get the stuffing out of them!
*Shadow is currently being treated for an ear and skin infection but all costs associated with that will be covered by GFRR. He is also on a special diet for his kidneys but this is very affordable.
Shadow is a great boy that just loves to be around people of all ages. He enjoys going for walks and even taking the occasional car ride, but he is also perfectly content laying by your side being a couch potato. He always seems to be grinning from ear to ear, especially when you are petting him. He is a big love bug that just wants some to love him in return.

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St. Cloud, MN

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